Energy Efficiency

Identifying where your building is losing energy

As part of our infrared service, we’re able to offer our clients a non intrusive means of assessing the energy efficiency of their portfolio. From housing stock to shopping centres, our energy efficiency audits identify anomalies in the building envelope which are allowing excessive heat loss and therefore additional energy costs.

Housing Stock Condition Surveys

Over the past 8 years of working with housing associations and local authorities, we have developed the fastest method for assessing the energy efficiency of the thermal envelope in order to make recommendations on remedial actions that can save energy and therefore cost as well as improve the energy efficiency rating.

Applications for housing stock include:

  • Baseline thermal performance of stock
  • Identify defects which can be rectified to prevent heat loss
  • Determine which building fabrics are the worst performing
  • Building a business case for remedial energy efficiency measures
  • Continuity of cavity wall insulation
  • Quality assurance on installed measures such as cavity and external wall insulation

Commercial Energy Efficiency Audits

Combining terrestrial and aerial data capture methods, we’re able to paint a complete picture of the thermal performance of large portfolios of commercial stock quickly. Some of the benefits include:

  • Quantify the area of saturated/damaged insulation on elevations and flat roofs to calculate the ROI for refurbishment or complete replacement with more efficient products
  • Impartial reports mean no bias towards installing specific products
  • Quality assurance on completion of works to ensure no latent defects will lead to issues in the future
  • Priorities buildings or specific elements of buildings for refurbishment based on ROI calculations
As all of our infrared surveyors and aerial infrared drone operators are PCN or ITC level 1 as a minimum and all data is analyses by one of our level 2 thermographers, our infrared surveys can be utilised as part of a BREEAM assessment to earn an additional credit. By conducting an IR survey as part of a BREEAM assessment, we can help our clients:

  • Identify air gaps prior to potentially failing the air tightness test
  • Ensure there are no areas of missing/damaged hidden insulation
  • Guarantee for contractors that works were completed to the correct standard on handover – protecting against defects in the future
  • Promote the energy efficient credentials of their building
Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

As of April 2018, it has become unlawful to lease or rent any property (commercial or domestic) that has an EPC below an E rating. For full details on the regulations see here

To help our clients who look after portfolios of property manage this new risk, we have developed a system for identifying which properties are the highest risk and then assessing what measures can be taken to future proof the stock. Get in touch today to find out more.

IR heat loss comparison between insulated (left) and uninsulated (right) properties