Lets fly together

Our goal at Nationwide Drones is to enable the use and benefits of aerial drone technology. This may not necessarily be through our leading Nationwide drone operator network but by partnering with us to develop your own in house capability.

We have long understood that there is no ‘one size fits all’ aerial drone and the same can be said for in house delivery. Our local authority clients will have a very different need to that of our global asset management clients, therefore, no one package could ever meet the needs of both.

That’s why at Nationwide Drones, our team of drone and application experts work with you to determine which solution is best for you. Whether that be a full in house capability to deliver all possible aerial drone applications nationwide, or to continue outsourcing the full service. Our initial Business Benefit Evaluation (BBE) will help determine what tailored package is going to deliver best value to your organisation.

Here are some aspects of our unique partnering service:

  • Value consideration report on what drone capability can bring to your organisation
  • Business and financial plan including structural roll out strategy
  • Operations manual for CAA approval and internal instruction
  • Pilot training to appropriate standard or recruitment where necessary
  • Hardware and software acquisition
  • Ongoing consultation and maintenance
  • Specialist training in data analytics – inc infrared thermography, photogrammetry and geomatics