Ports often comprise of a mix of new and very old buildings and structures, as well as difficult to access ones, such as those beneath the water. Making it difficult to capture a true asset register and maintain accurate records of their condition to inform maintenance programs.

Nationwide Drones believe that scanning technology is the solution to helping us better manage our environment, whether that technology be hand held, terrestrial scanners, mobile scanning, aerial drones or even sub aquatic drones.

Our specialist ROV teams enable unmanned flight both above and below the water. Through proprietary software, highly accurate sub surface measured data can be captured and combined with that from above the surface. This gives our clients the complete picture of their assets, allowing them to be better manage and maintain the port whilst limiting any costly downtime.

Here are just a few applications we’ve developed with our Port clients:

– Sub surface visual inspection

– Sub surface topography and measured surveys

– Confined spaces inspections – pontoons, lock gates etc

– Confined spaces measured surveys

– Measured and topographical surveys

– Scan to BIM

– Concrete spalling and condition surveys

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