Roads & Highways

Working in collaboration with our clients, Nationwide Drones has developed a proprietary method of surveying road surfaces (including bridge decks) to not only identify and monitor surface defects, but also subsurface defects.

Traditional surveys are high risk, time consuming and costly – typically involving extensive road or lane closures and expensive radar sensors being dragged across the surface by vehicle or manually.

Eliminating the need for roadside working, our team can operate a safe distance from live traffic, reducing risk, cost of traffic management and disruption, whilst capturing large swathes of data.

Road surface applications include:

– Condition monitoring

– Sub surface defect and delamination surveys

– Measured surveys and drawings

– Mapping

Additional to the carriageway surveys, peripheral infrastructure such as culverts and tunnels can be inspected using our confined spaces drones for both reactive maintenance inspections as well as capturing a record of the condition.

Further specialism within the Nationwide Drones consortium includes live traffic surveys, utilizing tethered drones for extended flight times. Giving clients the perspective over time to understand localized traffic flows without large teams of personnel having to be on site for long periods. Once analysed through a traffic AI, this information is with the client within a matter of hours, ready to be communicated to stakeholders.

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