Ecology & Environmental

In collaboration with our industry partners, Nationwide Drones has developed a suite of services to aid you in identifying ecology of interest ahead of any development and without putting personnel at risk or causing disruption to that ecology.

Especially on large scale projects such as road or rail development, understanding and communicating what ecological and environmental concerns there are along a route can be very challenging. Deploying our variety of spectral sensors for remote observation, both from the ground and above, gives us insights into what is happening in an area previously unseen.

Here are just a few samples of how we can help with identify and track animal ecology:

  • Visual aerial observation – tethered for extended periods of flight
  • Nesting bird identification and location marking
  • Bat observation and counting
  • Mammal (badger, deer etc) tracking

Vegetation surveys include:

  • Land classification
  • Tree count and biomass quantification
  • Tree species classification
  • Invasive species identification

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