Drone Services for Commercial Projects in the UK

Drone Services for the Construction and Infrastructure Sector

More and more construction firms are using drones to reduce waste, optimise operations and keep projects on track. Drones eliminate the need for expensive manned aerial imaging to gather highly accurate data. With drones, you can deploy and manage resources more efficiently.

Nationwide Drones offers commercial drone services to the UK’s construction and infrastructure sector. Fully equipped to work on any construction site, our drone aerial imaging services are the ideal solutions for surveying, planning and managing. From initial surveys and monthly progress reports to promotional content of your site, we can help throughout the whole project.

Why Switch to Commercial Drone Services from National Drones?

Monitor progress

Monitor and track the productivity on all your small-scale and large-scale projects with detailed aerial views and high quality recorded/live updates.

Construction site surveys

Collect accurate and comprehensive data for site planning and modelling. Our drone services also offer cost-effective volume calculations and analyses, making it easier for you to identify opportunities and challenges presented by the terrain.


Inspections and mapping

Inspections for buildings, roadways, bridges, railroads, cooling towers, cell towers, roofs, solar/wind farms and oil/gas infrastructure

Thermographic imaging

Thermal imaging to detect structural integrity issues, leaks and energy loss in a fraction of the time compared to a manual inspection.

Drone Inspection

Nationwide Drones can provide engineers and surveyors with a suite of drones to suit any inspection job. Gather better quality data with various visual sensors on several aerial platforms for a more accurate and comprehensive picture. We also have infrared enabled drones  to provide you with better insight into the true condition of structures and buildings without intrusive testing.

Drone Surveying

Our drone services for commercial applications in the UK include professional UAV surveying. The drone systems capture high-resolution aerial photography, assisting with various inspections such as route surveys, canal inspections and topographic maps. They also provide accurate data for all land surveying and mapping projects.


Capture breathtaking aerial footage of your projects with our drone media services. We capture highly detailed photographs and can film in ultra HD 4k video formats, delivering incredible media to your clients and stakeholders. Aside from aerial images and promotional videos, we also offer CGI visualisation and 360 VR tours.

At Nationwide Drones, we provide professional drone services, helping businesses manage their drone operations and data. Contact us today and we can tailor a package to meet your exact needs.