Detailed Drone Visual Inspection

If you’re tasked with assessing, maintaining or improving the condition of an asset, whether it be a building, structure or infrastructure, you’ll no doubt have experienced the challenges associated with gaining access at height.

Surveyors working at height present a significant risk to any practice, however, it is a necessary evil to gain an understanding of the condition. Alternative means of access like MEWPs, and scaffolding are often cost prohibitive, disruptive and ineffective.

Nationwide Drones limit the risks for our clients by identifying isolated areas where access at height is required, therefore significantly reducing the amount of unnecessary time surveyors spend at height.

Our expertise is in surveying and operational safety, meaning we’re able to tailor our aerial operations to meet the needs of our clients whilst adhering to the strict CAA regulations, so you get the best quality data with no risk of liability.

Operational Safety Case for city centre inspections!

From rural church spires to multi storey city centre office blocks; university campuses to a bridge span over a river, Nationwide Drones has developed a suite of drones to suit every challenge. Using a variety of different visual sensors on a number of aerial platforms, we have the right tool for the job. We believe, that although a drone is another ‘tool in the tool box’ it definitely isn’t a ‘one size fits all’. Our ethos of fluid innovation means we’re able to gather the right data, by putting the right sensor, on the right drone in the right place, so you can make better informed decisions about your assets.

Although we are the ‘drone experts’, we’re very aware that the most important aspect of what we do is the data we deliver, how we deliver it and how you can make an informed decision based on it. That’s why understanding our clients requirement and challenges prior to any inspection is vital to ensure we deliver the data in a way that suits your needs. Whether it be a contextual perspective or a series of detailed images referenced to a plan. For the best way to view and interrogate our visual data, why not demo our online inspection portal.

Have an inaccessible asset?


  • Planned predictive maintenance (PPM)
  • Condition survey
  • Acquisition/disposal survey
  • Reactive maintenance inspection
  • Before and after marketing material
  • Progress monitoring/time-lapse footage

  • Less health and safety risk
  • Faster and more efficient than traditional methods
  • Reduced cost
  • Capture far more data in a single visit and view data retrospectively

  • What is the need?
  • Where is the project? i.e. rural/suburban/urban
  • Will a visual image provide sufficient information? i.e. would an infrared survey be more appropriate?
  • Should you be on site to guide our pilot? So you can make a decision on site.
  • How do you need the data presenting?

Industrial Assets

Inspect tall innaccessible structures rapidly compared with traditional methods and with no downtime to plant or operations

Listed Building Inspection

Inspect sensitive buildings without any risk of damage to the building or surrounding grounds

Shipping Asset Inspection

Rapidly inspect a vessel whilst docked without personnel needing to access at height or in confined spaces

Avoid Obstructions

Overhead power cables can prevent the use of MEWPs, but a skillfully operated drone can avoid such obstacles and give you the perspective you need

Complex Roof Inspection

Often beautiful architecture creates a nightmare for ongoing maintenance. Rope access is an option, but could a drone be more cost effective?

Night Time Inspection

High powered LED lamps allow inspections to be carried out when there are fewer pedestrians around. Alongside Infrared inspections for a complete condition survey.

Confined Space Inspection

Carry out inspections in confined spaces and of the underside of structures without putting staff at risk or downtime to operations