Expert UAV Surveying Services in the UK

Drone Surveying and Inspection

With the ability to capture detailed imagery of even large-scale sites, Nationwide Drones’ UAV services utilises the latest drone technology to provide a comprehensive range of drone surveys and inspections. Our professional pilots will capture high-resolution imagery and survey-grade data for your industry.

Why use drones for surveys and inspections?

Our drone services in the UK offer enormous potential for surveyors and GIS professionals. Capturing geospatial data requires less manpower and time, delivering survey results faster and at lower costs. Drones are not limited by difficult terrain or steep slopes that make traditional measuring and monitoring problematic. They map otherwise unreachable areas while providing quick, accurate and comprehensive data.

The Nationwide Drones Advantage

Standard survey and inspection methods covering large areas at height can be time consuming, costly and always carry some danger. At Nationwide Drones, we have fully trained pilots capable of capturing high quality data in real time, allowing full coverage of vast areas safely, at a fraction of the cost and within a reduced time period. We provide detailed inspection reports for a wide range of properties including industrial and commercial sites, bridges and transport infrastructure.

Construction monitoring

Job site documentation is essential for every general contractor. Whether you need to monitor site changes over time, dispute claims or share the state of a project with stakeholders and clients – capture high-resolution progress photos over the course of your project with Nationwide Drones. Our drone survey services in the UK make construction monitoring safer, quicker and more accurate.

Land mapping

Drone mapping services quickly capture image data and convert them into maps that can be annotated and shared in the cloud. They streamline and simplify surveying and mapping, modernising the survey process.

At Nationwide Drones, we provide aerial surveys and mapping services using advanced drone technology that delivers accurate aerial survey data and high-res photography across properties, railways, construction sites and infrastructures.

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