High-resolution Construction Monitoring

Low latency, high resolution site information

Whether you’re the contractor, developer or client, there are a number of reasons why monitoring the progress of your site is beneficial.

At Nationwide Drones we have developed a suite of solutions tailored for every monitoring need. From marketing material to detailed visual documentation, or any combination in between. 

As always, it’s not a one size fits all and so we will propose a package combining the latest capture technology, both aerial and terrestrial.

Continuous Site Monitoring

  • Daily site progress updates hosted on secure online platform
  • Monitor multiple sites from your office or on the go
  • Measure distance and area in 2D & 3D
  • Overlay As Designed CAD onto the As Built map
  • See whether deliveries have been made
  • Measure volumes of stockpiles

360 Site Tours

  • Aerial and terrestrial high resolution 360 images linked together
  • Toggle between tours captured at different time intervals
  • Annotate images with comments and share with stakeholders for collaborative working
  • Embed links to documents and other information

Any of the above solutions can be combined to form a truly unique and immersive environement, controlled by you with the ability to share and collaborate with other stakeholders.
Check out our 3D models and VR environements to see how these could also be incorporated into your next project.