Chimneys, Flues & Towers

Chimneys, Flues and Towers are intrinsically difficult to gain access to and are also some of the most impacted by the environment over time.

Nationwide Drones has worked extensively with asset owners, surveyors and rope access contractors to develop a suite of services that enable data to be captured, analysed and shared such that informed decisions can be made as to where manned access is required – if at all.

We have collaborated with clients to deliver some of the following solutions:

  • Condition and Defect surveys
  • Measured Surveys and Drawings
  • Motion and Crack Monitoring
  • Spalling Concrete and Oxidised Rebar Surveys

See the Case Studies below for more information or speak with one of our team.

In This Section:


  • Buildings
  • Chimneys, Flues & Towers
  • Commercial
  • Bridges
  • Wind Turbines
  • Solar
  • Masts (Energy / Telecoms)

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