Solar PV

As is being realized globally, the use of aerial and in particular aerial Infrared surveys of Solar PV arrays, whether farms or roof mounted, has significantly changed how they are managed and maintained.

Vast arrays can be rapidly captured both visually and in infrared to identify faults which can lead to inefficiencies and failure of the system.

Data can be process through an AI that automates the process of fault detection, further reducing time and cost, enabling our client to maximise yields from their arrays.

Our Solar PV inspections rapidly identify the following:

  • Faulty strings
  • Faulty panels
  • Faulty cells
  • Excess loading at cable joints, Switchboards, Regulators and Storage Systems.

As well as these maintenance applications, we’re also able to aid our Solar Development clients with:

  • Topographical Land Surveys (See Land)
  • Landfill Subsurface Fire Detection
  • Land and PV Panel Movement Monitoring

In This Section:


  • Buildings
  • Chimneys, Flues & Towers
  • Commercial
  • Bridges
  • Wind Turbines
  • Solar
  • Masts (Energy / Telecoms)

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