Expert Drone Building Inspection Services in the UK

Benefits of using drones for inspection

Access and safety

Sites and complex structures are intrinsically difficult to inspect using traditional methods. They often require specialised climbing gear, additional labour and expertise. Drone building inspections eliminate the need for expensive access equipment as well as the time needed to assemble and disassemble them. They also keep individuals safe from danger during the inspection process.

Better images and data sharing

Drones provide wider coverage while taking photos, measurements, videos and thermal images. In addition to their ability to assess complex features of a building, they can capture images from angles and positions that are impossible for human workers.

Why choose Nationwide Drones?

Nationwide Drones has a proven track record with years of experience in the industry. As the UK’s premier aerial drone service provider, all of our affiliate pilots have been vetted to the highest standards. Unlike regional operators and drone directories, we offer the same level of service, quality and cost anywhere in the UK. Our expert central team manages, analyses and compiles all enquiries, data and reports. Wherever in the UK you need us, you’ll get consistent high quality service.

Contact us today for drone building inspection services. We’ll tailor a package to suit the unique needs of your project.

Drone visual inspection

Nationwide Drones has a fleet of drones to suit any building inspection challenge in the UK, from university campuses and bridges to multi-storey city centre office buildings. Using various visual sensors on a number of aerial platforms, we have the right solution for the job.

Drone infrared inspection

We have developed our drones to fly with fully radiometric infrared sensors, enabling us to post process images and identify anomalies. The drones provide engineers and surveyors with expert aerial and terrestrial infrared surveys that offer better insight into the true condition of structures and buildings.

Utilise the power of drone data for better analysis and deeper insight into your projects with Nationwide Drones. Contact us today for more information and any enquiries about our drone building inspection services.